Understanding environmental hazards that can be a risk to your business

Knowing the full scope of environmental concerns is critical to operations whether in the pre-construction phase or to keep up with often-changing regulations. Our team of environmental engineers, scientists and advisers are ready to help address even the most complex challenges with a through understanding and ability to share comprehensive solutions.

Air Quality

Air quality often represents one of the most challenging environmental issues. Our team can help navigate the air quality permitting issues for many types of greenfield or brownfield site projects. Our team can also help support issues with air dispersion modeling, emissions calculations and inventories, noise and vibration monitoring and accidental release plans.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Globally, EIAs play an important role in development and often can have an impact on lending or funding. Using our broad industry and geographic expertise, we manage and conduct EIAs on behalf of lenders, developers, construction firms and owners.

Regulatory Compliance + Analysis

As many of our team members have been regulators, we have built a reputation on our ability to review, analyze and forecast changes to international, federal, state and local environmental, safety and health (ESH) statutes and regulations affecting client business operations. Our engineers focus on determining the applicability of current and future mandates to our client’s facilities and operations, identifying impacts to cost and continuity of operations and developing solution sets to mitigate these impacts.

Litigation Support

Because of our breadth of knowledge, we are often called as expert witnesses to provide attorneys with a sound technical foundation for legal arguments. We have been called to testify on various areas such as air quality, using our modeling capabilities, or the regulatory environmental impacts of firefighting foams.

Water Quality

Our expertise in water quality is with a particular focus on spill prevention and control and management of firefighting foams. We prepare Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans for fuel processing and storage facilities and recommend engineering design modifications to improve spill control and emergency response capabilities. We also provide wastewater containment and remediation plans for known environmental contaminants.

Materials + Process Assessment

It's important to understand the environmental, safety and health (ESH) hazards associated with chemicals used in our clients’ mission critical materials and processes. We recommend alternatives that enable our clients to comply with regulations, achieve sustainability goals and reduce overall ESH risk.